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gameplay : you are controlling a fighter who is trying to ascend an in infinite building .. try to ascend as much as you can and beat you high score.

to finish any floor .. you must first find the door key card which you can find in treasures ... then you can open the electronic door to the next floor .. but be aware of the robots as they will try to kill you

so don't be hasty and wait for the "right moment " to act ..

to beat the robots you can either shoot them using your gun "G" or you can hide and get past them "H" or you can try to find another path or hide behind blocks.


direction : movement

"H" : use your hiding ability

"G" : shoot the gun ;

"m" to mute music

'+' to increase the volume

'-' to reduce volume

cheat : if you ever

ps: if you ever got stuck .. just "p" smart about it ;)